to muster for a common purpose, to arouse for action, to rouse from depression or weakness.

SPICE: any of various aromatic vegetable products used to season or flavor foods, something that gives zest or relish.

RALLYSPICE was founded in Lincoln Nebraska!  We offer easy to use food products that do not contain excessive amounts of calories and sodium, but rather remain true to natural flavors from vegetables and spices. 

Problems with some food products found on the store shelves are the high amounts of sugar and sodium. These products are tailored towards individuals and families in a society that already has a high rate of preventable health disparities.

The products offered by RALLYSPICE gives customers a sense of relief, knowing that the food they have purchased is versatile in use, produced with their health in mind, lower in excessive amounts of salt and sugar and socially responsible by promoting social and environmental causes. The end results/benefits of purchasing from RALLYSPICE is simply receiving the benefits of striving to live a better, healthier lifestyle.

Our RALLY cry is "Avail for Vigor" which means "to use for strength"! We hope to make an impact in the market place nutritionally, socially and responsibly. Enjoy!

Our Story